This tutorial shows you how to create a test user on our UAT environment including a verified identity :

Requirement : install the Verimi App(ios/Android).Please send your AppleID or GoogleID (gmail address) to in order to receive an invitation to UAT MobileApp.

Step 1:
Create a user account : , you can use a fake e-mail address but you will need a real cell phone number (because of 2FA)

Step 2:
On the page: "" select your e-mail and click on the activation link .

Step 3:
Enter your e-mail address und your Password and click on "Log in with Verimi" .

Step 4:
On select "My Profile"

Step 5:
Scroll the page until you find „my personal Documents“ field . Click on "Add" .

Step 6:
Choose „Use identity document“ and click on "next" .

Step 7:
Choose your document type (Passport or ID-Card), the country of issue and then click on "Next" .

Step 8:
Click on Next

Step 9:
Fill out the „identity Document Verification “ form, tick the „I agree tot he terms and conditions of WebID“ and then click on "Save and continue".

Step 10:
You don't need to wait for the loading symbol, you can type "123456" in the field and click on "confirm TAN "

Step 11:
Once accomplished you will get this window :

Step 12:
If you want , you can delete the personal documents too .

Step 13:
In order to request a verified identity , please use the scope "idcard" or "passport" : GET[client_id]&scope=login openid passport&redirect_uri=[provider redirect uri].
The user is automatically sent to the inline flow and has to confirm the transfer with 2FA (That's why we will need a real cell phone number).